Monday, November 10, 2003

Increased Denial of Service Attack

Unfortunately the attention attracted by the Bending Truth campaign has, it is now beyond doubt, led to some more low, underhand tactics by anti-free speech tactics by "Diego Gastor" and/or friends.

Increasingly this mail box is being filled with 140K+ size "undelivered" messages. And similarly large "Microsoft security patches".

One correspondent, HJP, has pointed me in the direction of this link to explain what is happening. It seems one underhand way of attacking the freedom of expression of someone you don't like, is to use something called a "Joe Job". This means that the email address "" is most likely being used to send out spam, by someone who's deceitful nature is being exposed by this site and the undelivered spam mails are being unfortunately rerouted to me.

At the moment it's just an irritation, I just have to log on every day to clear out my inbox, but it is not inconceivable that the problem will escalate to render the bendingtruth account unusable. If that happens I'll just start another address of course, not a huge deal.

In case there was any doubt as to the cause of these problems (and there really wasn't anyway - BendingTruth is a one-issue site) Mr Jim Chamblee who has also crossed swords with "Diego" has been having exactly the same kinds of mail problems in recent weeks.

Anyway no big deal, just really another indication of how low and unAmerican "Diego" is, seeking to shut down any voice he does not like, by every means at his disposal. "Diego" cares nothing for free speech or other decent human values, intrinsic to the society in which he lives.

Anyway should any readers find themselves receiving any spam email from this address which tries to interest them in barnyard sex, viagra, or penis enlargement you should view the mail with extreme scepticism.

(If on the other hand you get an email from this address trying to interest you in "My Sexy Webcam" this is a perfectly legitimate offer and I can assure you, for a very reasonable price, you'll get to see wild antics beyond your most filthy imaginings...)