Monday, November 03, 2003

Mending Fences

In the continued spirit of reconciliation of last week having confused many readers with what looked like a lukewarm endorsement of the riverSbend faker, Zeyad jumped at the chance of clarifying his position publicly in his blog on Saturday:

"I mentioned that he might be an Iraqi or someone from the CPA and noted that it might have been an interesting read if he did NOT post under Riverbend's name. I left it at that. In the least I did not expect people to email me accusing me of endorsing the fake site and then coming to all sorts of false conclusions about me or my blog from that premise. It isn't my job (or hobby) to be an Internet cop. But since so much people were whining I reluctantly looked up the 'evidence' and it seems that the faker is an 'embittered Republican party activist', 'a right-wing nut', a 'misogynist', and a 'propagandist' as they put it. So according to that I can now safely assume that he is not an Iraqi nor someone from CPA (happy now?). "

Happy now? Well after those honeyed words of contrition, how could we not be?


OK sarcasm off. Plainly Zeyad remains insistent that he would have had to have been some kind of "internet cop" to know that the riverSbend blog was the work of a faker.

Bending Truth reiterates its position, underlined by many supportive mails, that in fact all Zeyad had to do to know the riverSbend blog was not in fact the work of an Iraqi was to read the comments in his own blog, as he suggested he had done. And as Bending Truth thinks he ought to have done.

At that, and in the light of the prominence Zeyad has -albeit grudgingly - now given to his denunciation of the riverSbend faker perhaps this matter can finally be laid to rest.