Tuesday, November 18, 2003

More on Troy

Another Iraqi blogger hits the airwaves and like a bad smell Troy is there promoting his blog thusly


I join others here in welcoming you to blogging. I know you will enjoy your freedom of speach. Don't let anyone stop you or try to make you change. They will try, don't listen.

I guess it's no wonder Troy has such a difficulty understanding freedom of speech when he isn't even able to spell it.

Anyway I posted another of my head's up comments explaining the difference between Troy and Riverbend and I'll probably be assailed by some more people who will try their damndest to misunderstand what freedom of speech is about simply because they don't like Riverbend.

OK grumble over...


Oops! He did it again. I just noticed that Zeyad provided the urls to a host of Iraqi bloggers the other day so it's probably this that Troy used to get to Iraq At A Glance here
Your link to Mesopotamian doesn't work. I think it should be http://messopotamian.blogspot.com/ where you have http://mesopotamian.blogspot.com/

This time someone actually asked who this was, and indicated obviously that she didn't know. So my usual follow-up was simply an answer to a question.

Will that be enough to hold off the fringe-dwelling nay-sayers. We'll see...